Financial accounting — its concepts, reports, and language — is often regarded by most people as something mysterious, at best, and, at worst, something downright frightening.

Storch Consulting provides a number of training presentations, during which the mysterious becomes clear, and the frightening becomes friendly:

  • “Basic Nonprofit Accounting 101”
  • “How to Read Financial Statements”
  • “Nonprofits Compared with For-profits”
  • “Financial Responsibilities of Boards of Directors”
  • “Internal Controls: Darlings or Demons?”
  • “How to Design Appropriate Financial Statements for Different Audiences”

Additionally, Storch Consulting can design presentations tailored to your specific organization’s needs and audience(s).

“Tutorials” are also available from Storch Consulting for any group or individual member of your organization — Board, Finance Committee, Program Committee, Executive Director, management, line staff, accounting staff.