Policies & Procedures

A significant part of “Doing Things Right” is having appropriate internal controls and other safeguards to ensure the integrity of your organization’s finances, business practices, and stewardship of your donors’ dollars.

Written Policies & Procedures — at a minimum, in the financial functions — is one of the best ways to begin to ensure such integrity. Further steps include the implementation and management of the policies and procedures, including holding personnel accountable for their compliance.

Storch Consulting can assist you in:

  • Identifying the Policies appropriate to your organization
  • Developing the Procedures and systems to implement the policies
  • Documenting the preceding Policies & Procedures
  • Assisting in the implementation, including training, of the P&P

Because many of the Financial Policies & Procedures for nonprofit organization are fairly standard, there are a number of “boilerplate” documents available for purchase, and/or online. However, every organization has unique needs and circumstances — ranging from size to complexity — that require tailoring even boilerplate documents to the organization’s needs.

Storch Consulting can assist in developing the simplest, yet most effective, Policies & Procedures for your organization, as always, making the process as painless as possible!