Financial Statements Design

How often do you hear “I can’t read these financials!”? Sometimes, those comments are a result of your audience(s) needing training (see Training), but all too often they’re a result of the quality of the financial statements, themselves.

All accounting software comes with “canned” reports which usually meet the needs of certain industries, but rarely the needs of nonprofits.

Storch Consulting can assist your organization in developing financial statements that show the information that is important and relevant to your particular organization by:

  • Assessing the information needs of your various audiences (Board, Finance Committee, management, line staff, funders, IRS)
  • Identifying the capabilities of your current accounting software to produce custom reports
  • Designing the reports in your accounting software
  • Identifying the need to produce “off-line” reports (usually using Excel)
  • Assisting in developing the Excel report template and the procedures for using them
  • Evaluating the results of the reports with the various audience(s) and refining, as necessary