Creating annual plans and financial projections can be challenging for organizations, especially as they grow in complexity of funding sources and services being provided.

Storch Consulting can help make this annual event as painless as possible, by providing the following services:

  • Evaluate prior year(s)’ budgeting processes, and identify those components to retain and those to change/improve
  • Work with identified members of the organization to create the annual plan and goals
  • Work with identified members of the organization to develop the financial component of the annual plan
  • Incorporate the financial figures into the accounting software
  • Establish a format for producing regular “budget-to-actual” financial and written reports (see Financial Statements Design)

Budgeting for small- to medium-sized organizations can usually be performed on Excel; Storch Consulting can assist in developing the templates and/or training staff to use budgeting templates.

As organizations grow in complexity, their need for increasingly sophisticated budgeting may result in a need for more sophisticated software. Storch Consulting can also help in the selection and setup of new accounting software (see Accounting Software Selection & Setup).