Audit Preparation

Most nonprofit organizations’ accounting staff are stretched to meet the daily demands of the accounting tasks, and are challenged to find the time for special projects. And THEN there’s the annual audit!
  • Clarification of materials required by the auditor before the start of the audit
  • Organization of “To-Do” lists with timelines and identification of personnel responsible for execution of tasks (including Storch Consulting!)
  • Development of standard schedules for current and future audits
  • Tracking of progress and assistance on special schedules
  • Coordination of schedules and materials
  • Final review of materials before start of audit
  • Meeting with staff and auditor at start of audit
  • Assistance during the audit, as needed
In addition to the preceding services, Storch Consulting works with staff to develop schedules that can simply be updated for the next audit, either on a regular or annual basis. This work can usually be performed by internal staff annually, or Storch Consulting can return annually to update the schedules, add additional information as required by the auditors, and ensure smooth and timely production of the annual audit.