Accounting Services


Smaller nonprofits have the need and the budget for only monthly services. During the month, internal staff cut checks, make deposits, call in payroll. Storch Consulting then enters the financial data (either on- or off-site) and produces the monthly financial statements and customized reports.


As nonprofits grow, financial data transactions, volume, and complexity increase. Storch Consulting assists in the transitions, and performs the accounting services weekly, including producing the monthly financial statements and customized reports.

“CFO to Go”

When nonprofits add an accounting professional to their staff, there is a transitional process for the refinement of internal controls and processes, development of appropriate policies and procedures, and the training of staff, both accounting and operational. Storch Consulting provides both assistance during this transition and oversight on a periodic (weekly, monthly, quarterly) basis during the integration of the new accounting staff.
Additionally, as organizations grow, they benefit from the expertise that Storch Consulting can provide on a regular basis to complement the skills and services being provided by their internal accounting staff.

Interim CFO

Inevitably, organizations face changes in their accounting leadership. Storch Consulting can provide interim services for these transitions, ranging from the search for the new staff, to providing oversight of existing staff during the transition, to providing daily supervision of staff until the head of accounting is replaced.