About Storch Consulting

Melinda T. Storch, Principal of Storch Consulting, has been working with nonprofits, either as a consultant, or on staff, for 25 years. After working in for-profit corporations while earning her MBA in Management & Organization at Drucker School of Management (formerly Claremont Graduate School), Melinda moved to Santa Cruz, CA, where she began consulting with small and family-owned businesses and nonprofit orgniazations. Although she earned a second master’s degree, in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Structural Family Therapy, in order to increase her skills in working with families, she concluded that helping nonprofits fulfill their missions — helping them Do Things Right while they were Doing the Right Thing — is where her heart lies.

In Santa Cruz, she consulted with a number of nonprofits — YWCAs of both Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay, the Parents Center, the American Academy of Family Studies, the Santa Cruz SPCA — as well as worked on staff for John F. Kennedy University (South Bay Campus), the American Red Cross of Santa Cruz, and the United Way of Santa Clara.

Since moving to Portland, OR in 1995, Melinda has been on staff of Self Enhancement, Inc., Planned Parenthood of the Columbia/Willamette, and the YWCA of Greater Portland, all as their Chief Financial Officer. Additionally, she has consulted with a number of nonprofits, including Oregon Health Careers Center, Clackamas Community Land Trust, Portland Community Land Trust, Mt. Hood Habitat for Humanity and Albina Community Development Center.

Melinda’s years as a nonprofit accounting practitioner, in combination with her extensive experience in working with nonprofit CPAs and auditors — including Big 8 (now 4) firms as well as local Portland firms — positions her as a valuable resource to all sizes of nonprofits, particularly in the social services and affordable housing sectors, who are in need of assistance in their financial and accounting functions. Her ability to “translate” complex nonprofit accounting concepts into everyday English, design easy-to-use and user-friendly systems, and communicate with a hearty sense of humor all combine to help nonprofits make improvements to the organizations painlessly. When appropriate, Melinda also calls on a number of other nonprofit resources she has identified over the years, to provide organizations with the best possible information and assistance for their needs.

Her heart also lies in co-parenting her 16-year-old son, a senior at Cleveland High school, and in caring for their Australian Shepherd and their two cats. In her spare time (remember that?), she tends to her iris and lilac gardens, plays music and sings, works out on her elliptical, and then collapses.